Friday, August 15, 2008


Well another summer has come and gone, and school for me starts in about 1 week! I'm way excited because I also made the volleyball team! I made freshman team and also sophmore team! I'm way excited! Our first game is on the first day of school, then the next day Me and three other freshmen get to go to a St.George tournament with the jv and varsity team! But the best part is, we get to miss the second day of school!


Morgie said...

That's pretty cool!!! I'd like to be a good volleyball player because I stink right now.

Your cuz,

Tryin' to keep up said...

Way to go Ash! That's pretty cool that you get to play on the Sophmore team as well. Just don't let other people's comments bother you. They are just jealous of you (rightfully so). Just don't do those silly moves your mom used to do to show off. :)