Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Brookie and Ash!

Hey! Today it has been pretty lame! lol But me and brookie have been trying to make the best of it! My mom and the kids went up to Tooele and she left me home with Brooke! So we've been sittin around watchin t.v., listening to music, and taking weird funny pictures of ourselves! So it hasn't been that bad! But tonight I'm going to a birthday party at my friend Mandy's house! I'm excited! lol Oh yeah I couldn't take any pictures from the day we went to lagoon cause my mom's camera wasn't working...so srry! lol


Cluffers said...

cute pictures Ash. I think you and brook should keep that look all the time. It looks great on you! Have fun at the party

The Calico Crew said...

Sure wish you were here in St. George. Grab a box of tissues and just enjoy your weekend of being free from your mother...just think of the burden she is placing on me while you get to play with your dad. Do some daddy daughter bonding! LOL