Sunday, June 22, 2008

SoFtBalL fUn!

Hey we did pretty good in our tournament! My team took 4th out of 14 teams! It was a lot of fun! The first day we lost our two pool play games, and then tournament play started! We lost against Murray by 1 and so we went home and we would play the next day at 11. So when Saturday came we decided we weren't going to lose any more games, and if we did we would be out if the tournament. We played Tooele Twisters in our first game and we played really good!! Except I got hurt For my team I'm the starting batter, so once I got on base I was told by my coach once the pitcher let go of the ball I would steal and run to 2nd. So I took off and I slid and my slider came off so when I stood up on 2nd my knee was all bloody and covered with dirt, but I made it to 3rd then I stole home and slid there and I was safe! Then we won that game and played more throughout the day. But in the end of the day we played the KnockOuts and they beat us 9 to Nothing so we were done with the tournament but it was a lot of fun! i also got a BAD


The Calico Crew said...

You're so dang tough! I'm so proud to tell everyone that you're my favorite 14 year old niece that lives in Grantville. Keep slidin' so your knees will look as good as mine.

Tiffani said...

I wish I could watch you play! Do ever have tournaments in Southern Utah? I might have to wait for High School games to get my groove on at your games.