Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hey! Wow I think you could say that I haven't blogged in a while! It's probably because I have been so busy and I haven't really had anything to blog about. But now I finally have something to blog about! Last week I had my first volleyball tournament up at IVA in Salt Lake. It was a lot of fun, and my team did pretty good. We ended up taking first in our division. Our next tournament is next week up at Park City! I'm really excited for that one, and I hope we do really good!


Tiffani said...

GO COWBOY's!! Thanks for the text to Kory right in the middle of our movie! What about your best Aunt Tiff? Doesn't she deserve a text now and then. I am on your network!

MorgieAnna said...

heya ashers! how're ya? haven't heard from ya in a while. finally. after about a month of no blogging! you're on!