Monday, September 22, 2008

A Peek Into The Future!!

The other day I took this picture of my dad in his Scout Uniform thingy (whatever its called), and I was thinking I could post this and do some funny things to it. So I thought it would be funny to post it on my blog and make him look a little bit older than he looks now! So this is just a little peek into the future of what my dad may look like?! lol


The Calico Crew said...

You mean to tell me he doesn't look like that now? I thought that's why your mom was so desperate to get her razor back so she could help your dad out with that extra facial hair. hmmm. Must say he looks pretty good that way!

Cluffers said...

Wow what a hunk! I hope Dave ends up looking half that good when he gets older. I think your dad just loves that picture also! Looks good

Morgie said...

Its Morgan!!! Gess what? I finally saw Camp Rock and it is like the best movie in the world!!! Have u seen it?!? Who is ur fav. character if u've seen it? I really like Tess even though she is pretty mean! It just comes that way. The picture looks good!!!